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Le site officiel de la SEXY CAR WASH DISCO GIRLS ©

The official website of the original

Sexy - Car - Wash - Disco - Girls©

There is always only one original. HERE`s... this; in the year 2000 and after years of preparation before - we planned a show. A show that is hard to beat and which is variable with all other summer events.


Today and more than 25 years(!) later - is the SEXY CAR WASH DISCO GIRLS © Show the leading summer show in europe... carried out by QSC and with 247 QSC Sexy Car Wash Disco Girls © (and men). were in use during this time, known from TV (e.g. RTL PRO.7 Sat.1 etc.), the press (Bild-Zeitung etc.), company events at Media Markt and Saturn, Eismann, Mercedes, REWE, ACR, among others, ATU, D&W and even at radio station events (Radio FFM and others) with the best-selling, most-visited, market-leading summer sexy promotion show in Germany and one of our flagships throughout Europe. With pride we say;

Here is the Sexy Car Wash Disco Girls © source and only here is the origin! Book the original and with territorial protection!

Welcome to what is probably the most fascinating, mobile, by far the most erotic, adventurous, funniest and, by arrangement, topless car wash in Europe and ...for your better entertainment!

Welcome to the Sexy Car Wash Disco Girls©!

think in a other dimension ...for your better entertainment!

The official website of the original by Q-uality S-hows C-ontroled all rights by BUTLER S.J. Ltd.back top